Three Legged Alien Walker
Invasion 3
Name Unkown
Gender Unkown, Might be Alien or Spacecraft
Race(s) Unkown
Occupation Unkown
Personality Unkown
Relatives Killer Freaks (?)
Featured in Killer Freaks from Outer Space

Three Legged Alien Walker (TLAW) is the unofficial nickname for the big creatures with Three long legs seen in the debut trailer, as well as on the artwork of the game.

It seems that the Three Legged Alien Walkers are on the same league as the Killer Freaks, because the Killer Freaks do not seem to be afraid or show any fear for the TLAW at all.

Aliens or Spacecrafts?Edit

There is speculation whatever the TLAW are Aliens or are just Spacecrafts / E.T. Vehicles of the Killer Freaks.

This rumour got spread after the official debut trailer & artwork of the game got released.

Proof that it might be Spacecrafts:Edit

At the very end of the debut trailer you see TLAW go pass with metal looking legs with lights located at the bottom of it's feet, making it look like it was more of a E.T. Vehicle than a living Alien race.

When the artwork got released, this fueled the rumour because the TLAW's are seen all around London with light beams shooting out of their heads, making them feel even more mechanical than living.

Proof that it might be Aliens:Edit

Not only the artwork fueled the rumour about the TLAW's being Spacecrafts, no, it also fueled the possibility that they might be Aliens after all.

The textures on their heads seems to be very real and living, almost breathing. not only this, the legs, or tentacles, of the TLAW's have other smaller tentacles on their sides, giving the TLAW's a possibility that they actually are living because they maybe use their tentacles as a mechanism to pick up energy to live.

Other possibilites:Edit

Not only those possibilites, TLAW's might be simply something in between... the TLAW's may be Spacecraft looking Aliens, half mechanical, half alien, that distributes and gives birth the Killer Freaks. something like a living mothership.

(Please note that this all is speculation because of so little information about the game and it's characters.)

Pictures & MediaEdit